Bookman Light Seafoam



The Deadly Nightshade’s official gang colour. Seafoam might have been the colour of your Grandma’s kitchen counter, your 80’s prom dress or your vintage ice cream blender, but today it’s the colour of awesome. Loving the past but looking towards the future is what Seafoam is all about.


Bookman Light is a slim, high quality bicycle light set – easy to mount and detach thanks to the elastic pull. It is surprisingly bright despite its size and has an oversized button that makes them easy to turn on and off, even with gloves. The front light attaches to the handlebar and the rear light goes on the saddle pole. Bookman Light fits all different sizes of handlebars and saddle poles.




— Slow flashing
— Fast flashing
— Steady light
Package content
— 1 front light (white led)
— 1 rear light (red led)
— 2 x CR2032 (in each)
To change the batteries, loosen the screws
on the bottom.
Bookman Light is weather resistant.