Bookman is a Stockholm based brand that makes accessories for bicycles and for the people on them. Inspired by the bustling bike life of the European metropolis, the focus is the urban
bicyclist, for whom style is as important as function. Our aim is to make a lasting impression on the cycling culture around the world. We hope to inspire more people to take up biking, and to make life in the saddle more enjoyable for everyone that does. Mixing inspirations from cycling and fashion, paying attention to details previously overlooked, Bookman strives to design smart solutions for everyday cycling needs.


We started working on what was to become Bookman in the end of 2009. Three of us had about half a semester left of our degree in Industrial engineering and together with another friend that also didn’t want to get a proper 9-5 job and instead try the entrepreneurial route we went to work. Most of us are dedicated cyclists and we all share an interest in design which gave us the direction for the brand. There are so many gadgets and accessories for bikes in the market but there a so few that we would like to put on our bikes. We wanted to make accessories that would complement the bike instead of detract from it. We did some projects on the side to get the money for tooling and after a lot of samples getting sent back and forth we were happy to place the first order of lights in the spring of 2011.


Since the start of Bookman in June of 2011 the brand has been critically acclaimed by both bicycle enthusiasts and design lovers all around the globe. Today it is possible to find Bookman products at premium retailers in over 30 countries. In top notch bicycle shops, in world class concept boutiques and museum shops.